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Rush and Lusk Educate Together National School, Lusk, Co. Dublin
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Green School



The Green School Committee has been very busy lately. Here are some of the things we’ve been up to.

Andrea from 5th class gave an excellent presentation all about Carbon Dioxide to the green school committee. We learned about how burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and this leads to global warming and climate change. 

We have set up a battery recycling bin beside our green school notice board and it’s full already, thanks to everyone who has brought in their batteries to recycle. Please continue to bring in your batteries throughout the year.

In March we took part in a River Ecosystem investigation. The senior members of the committee went down to Bride’s Stream in the hub and we tested the water. We found out that the river has higher levels of phosphates and nitrates than we would like. When we were there we also noticed quite a bit of litter around the stream so we decided to do a litter pick. 

This week all the RaLET’s Green school Committee went for a litter pick along Bride’s stream, it wasn’t as littered as it was last year, however we still got 3 bags of rubbish in just half an hour. Please remember to put your rubbish in the bin, recycle it, return your bottles and cans, or even better, avoid single use plastics in the first place. 

Finally, we would like to remind everyone to travel sustainably to school when possible, that might be walking, cycling, scooting, carpooling or taking the bus to school. Let’s all do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. 

One of these days we will be surveying every class in school to see which class travelled the most sustainably and there will be a delicious prize for the most sustainable class!


Our Green School Committee was elected in October and is made up of children from 1st - 6th class. We are currently working on our Global Citizenship - Marine Environment Flag and have big hopes to celebrate it in our new building in the coming months. 


We are going back to basics before our big move and every class is working on reducing litter and waste around our school.

Watch this space for more exciting things to come from our Green School Committee in 2024!