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Rush and Lusk Educate Together National School, Lusk, Co. Dublin
Enrolment 2024/2025 We are now enrolling for the school year 2024/2025. Check out the admissions section of our website by clicking the link below. Alternatively you can call the office on 01-8430525 for further information. [Open Link]
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Board of Management

The members of the  Board of Management of Rush and Lusk ETNS 1st December 2023-30th November 2027:

Patron Nominee - Lesley Smyth (Chairperson):

Patron Nominee - Jane Smith

Parent Nominee - Anna Drennan

Parent Nominee - Michael Kavanagh

Community Nominee - Amandeep Kaur

Community Nominee - Paul Walsh

Teacher Nominee - Simon Mc Conkey

Principal - Noel


Agreed Report from the Board of Management meeting which took place on Tuesday 27th February 2024.

  1.  The Board of Management is delighted that our school community has moved in relatively smoothly and wish everyone many productive and enjoyable years ahead in the new school building. 
  2.  We thank everyone for their patience to date as we establish new routines and logistics within our new school setting.  This does take time to set up and adjustments will be made as the school community settles in. 
  3. The Board of Management is very concerned with car safety at morning drop-off and collection at home time.  There is a serious issue of children jumping out of cars onto the road unsupervised. Children should  get out of the car onto the footpath. Our campus is for drop-off and collection purposes during the day.
  4. The staff car park is strictly for staff during the school day.
  5.  RaLET will celebrate its 2lst birthday on Friday 21st June.  This promises to be a memorable day for all. 
  6. The Board of Management agreed on respective roles and responsibilities in assisting the school principal and staff.


Agreed Report from Board of Management meeting – 17th January 2024
1. Thanks to our PGTA for their hard work in our very successful Winter
Raffle which raised €2,940 for our school.
2. Our new Board of Management met for the first time and are looking
forward to working with the entire school community.

3. Critical Incident Management Team policy has been updated and
ratified. It will be on our website over the next week.
4. Thank you to all our school community as we patiently wait to move into
our new building.